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Pioneers in the industry, we offer integrally geared compressor with radial inflow turbine, gt-series centrifugal compressor, t-series centrifugal compressor, rt-series single shaft radial compressor, aero block standardized main air compressor and turbo block standardized centrifugal compressor from India.

Integrally Geared Compressor With Radial Inflow Turbine

Integrally Geared Compressor With Radial Inflow Turbine
  • Integrally Geared Compressor With Radial Inflow Turbine
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Product Details:

Outlet pressure29.1 bar(a) / 422.1 psia
Volume flowsUp to 480 000 m3/h
Maximum No of stages8
Power30 kW
Suction pressure70 bar (max.)
Maximum Flow Rate2 - 1000 cfm
Compressor BrandAtlas Copco
Horse Power3 HP - 110 HP
Discharge Pressure7 Bar - 13 Bar

Our Commander (TM) handles all gases, It’s a solution that meets key needs in many of today’s industrial processes, where energy efficiency is the name of the game. Utilizing the full energy recovery potential for combined compression and expansion processes, the compander merges our long-standing know-how in integral gear technology and turbo expanders into one solution. It’s unique in that compressor and expander stages are housed in one gearbox. You can use the energy recovered on the turboexpander side to power the compressor’s energy cycle, significantly reducing the compressor’s energy consumption (rotor drive).

Vast compressor and expander experience:
  • We combine long-standing experience with integrally-geared compressors and radial inflow expanders into one productive solution

Meeting API standards:
  • Our commanders meet all critical industry standards, including API 617

Top energy efficiency:
  • Gain maximum efficiency from energy recovery on the turboexpander side of the machine.
  • Use this energy for driving the compressor side

  • Nitric acid
  • HPPO
  • Caprolactam
  • Phenol
  • Boil off gas reliquefaction
Price Range: 50000 - 500000
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GT-Series Centrifugal Compressor

GT-Series Centrifugal Compressor
  • GT-Series Centrifugal Compressor
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Product Details:

Maximum No of stages1 - 8
Gases handledAll gases
Impeller typesOpen / closed
Suction pressure80 bar (max.)
Effective inlet flow range250 - 400 000 m3/h
Discharge pressure200 bar (max.)
Suction temperature200 deg C
Compressor BrandAtlas Copco

With thousands of reference units operating around the world, our centrifugal compressors are built to boost your productivity and efficiency. Our GT centrifugal air and gas compressors are present from air separation plants in the Far East to complex oil and gas operations on the world’s Seven Seas – and beyond. Designed in a compact package with minimum installation time. Our GT-Series compressor are configured up to eight stages. Driven by integral gear technology, GT Series centrifugal compressors increase your productivity with the industry’s most efficient and compact mechanical drive design. Add to that our highly-efficient and expertly tailored impellers, and you get an optimum solution for your specific application and process requirements. Boosting the compressors’ flexibility, options such as Variable Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs) and Variable Diffuser Guide Vanes (DGVs) give greater process control and higher performance when conditions such discharge pressure, flow volume change. Central for many application scenarios, the GT Series centrifugal compressors are fully API compliant, built for a long service life, and backed by our global Aftermarket Services network.


Integrally geared compressor:

  • As the industry’s most efficient and compact gear design, integral gear technology delivers multiple-speed capability that allows each compression stage to run at the optimum speed, giving the best efficiency possible.


State-of-the-art gearbox design:
  • Utilizing multi-stage compression with as many as eight stages on a single gearbox, our centrifugal GT-Series compressors can be configured to handle combined processes in one cycle.

Full API compliance:

  • The GT Series is manufactured according to the rigorous standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), namely API 617, Chapter 3 (gas); oil systems according to API 614.


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T-Series Centrifugal Compressor

T-Series Centrifugal Compressor
  • T-Series Centrifugal Compressor
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Product Details:

Suction temperature40 to 150 deg C
Suction pressure40 bar (max.)
Maximum No of stages1
Gases handledPolypropylene
Flow volumeUp to 80000 m3/h (47086 cfm)
Impeller typesOpen
Effective inlet flow range15000 - 80000 m3/h
Discharge pressure40 bar (max.)
Compressor BrandAtlas Copco

Backed by decades of reliable performance in the field and our experience from more than 100 reference projects, our T-Series direct-driven centrifugal gas compressors are at work in some of the world’s most demanding applications. From Russia to the Middle East, and beyond, the T-Series delivers maximum compressor efficiency and robustness in complex and rigid polypropylene and polyethylene processes.


Process-specific configurations:

  • T-Series centrifugal compressors can be customized precisely to your process requirements and site conditions.
  • Also comes in combination with kill gas turbines for safe shutdown

Leakage-free design:

  • Our dry-gas seals can be applied in tandem configurations.
  • Dynamic dry-gas seals offer an alternative to oil-lubricated seals for sensitive applications

Full process control with variable inlet guide vanes (IGV):

  • Broadening your control over the process, purged, variable inlet guide vanes (IGV) give you optimal flow rates, especially when changing on-site conditions require you to make quick adjustments

Designed for premier efficiency:

  • Our direct-driven T-Series compressors can be used as a cycle gas compressor and main loop compressor.
  • They provide outstanding efficiency, thanks to the unique overhung design and position of the purged inlet guide vane in connection with the open impeller

Proven component designs:

  • Our manufacturing expertise unlocks a high level of aerodynamic performance and mechanical reliability.
  • Critical components such as impellers, casings, guide vanes, shaft seals, gears, and bearings are anchored in proven, field-tested designs.
  • The entire compressor stage is designed to prevent polymerization

API 617 and API 614 compliant:

  • Powered by proven Atlas Copco technologies such as
  • Adjustable Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs)
  • Highly-efficient closed impellers
  • High-speed axial bearings
  • T-Series compressors feature state-of-the-art dry gas seals as an alternative to oil-lubricated systems.
  • Their outstanding safety reliability is also confirmed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification according to standards API 617 and API 614.
  • And, depending on your process, our experts around the globe can customize your turbo compressors – also matching API and local safety standards – to boost the safety and efficiency of your operation.


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RT-Series Single Shaft Radial Compressor

RT-Series Single Shaft Radial Compressor
  • RT-Series Single Shaft Radial Compressor
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Product Details:

Effective inlet flow range240000 - 480000 m3/h
Maximum No of stages3
Discharge pressure7 bar (max.)
Impeller typesOpen / closed
Suction temperature40 to 80 deg C
Gases handledAir
Compressor BrandAtlas Copco

A direct answer to growing demand for larger and OPEX optimized air supply levels in today’s air separation units (ASUs), the single-shaft, three-stage radial-flow RT-Series combines the best in our aerodynamic competence to deliver ultra-efficient stage and impeller design. In full compliance with API 617 and 614 (oil system) standards, the RT-Series is developed for all main air separation applications.

Benefit from large-scale air separation:
  • Large-scale, reliable and highly-efficient compressor packages.
  • Reduce your operational and maintenance costs, while experiencing shorter setup times and easier site construction

Interstage coolers:
  • Coolers are a critical part of your main air compression process.
  • That’s why our interstage coolers use a proven water-in-tube/air-in-shell design with an integrated water demister to ensure optimum performance

Robust main air compressor unit:
  • The RT-Series main air compressor unit features a three-stage radial single-shaft design for high flow levels and superior efficiency.
  • Top performance over your product’s lifetime

Global sourcing network:
  • We’re always close by.
  • Further improving your CAPEX and fitted to your exact specifications, all external components supporting your main compressor unit can be sourced and then packaged regionally

Drive train know-how:
  • Trusted turbomachinery provider.
  • Decades of experience in employing both steam turbine and electrical motor drive trains to power main air compressors

Simplified design and a free-arrangement packaging:
  • Arrive faster at your site
  • Help you reduce operational costs
  • Ensure maximum reliability
  • Minimize maintenance
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Aero Block Standardized Main Air Compressor

Aero Block Standardized Main Air Compressor
  • Aero Block Standardized Main Air Compressor
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Product Details:

Maximum suction pressure1.05 bar(a)
Gases handledAir, nitrogen
Power requirement6, 543 HP
Maximum discharge pressure13 bar(a)
Suction temperature29 deg - 50 deg C
Maximum No of stages2 - 4 (min./max)
Impeller typesOpen
Effective inlet flow range37,000 m3/h - 54,000 m3/h
Compressor BrandAtlas Copco

AeroBlock standardized main air compressor boosts energy efficiency by up to 2% compared to previous solutions. The new design lowers the motor power required, in turn reducing compressor lifecycle operation cost for the customer, leading to energy cost savings of about 300 000 USD over the compressor’s lifespan. The standardized design of AeroBlock™ achieves significant savings by reducing CAPEX and improves efficiency to reduce OPEX as well. This adds to the reliability already achieved by the integral-gear (IG) technology at the core of the compressor. The multi-speed capability of IG technology allows each high-speed rotor to run at the optimum speed, giving the best efficiency possible.


Reduced cost:

  • Reduced cost results from optimized design and improved machine layout

Improved efficiency:

  • Improved efficiency comes from proven integral-gear technology and seamless interaction of high performance

Faster delivery:

  • AeroBlock™ is manufactured in multiple cutting-edge facilities around the globe, staying close to customers and promoting faster turnaround time on orders.

Superior aftermarket support:

  • Our global service network of 120+ engineers provide comprehensive aftermarket support of turbomachinery.

The pre-engineered system with configurable options:

  • Maintains high reliability in a standardized design.
  • Customers can select additional instrumentation as an option for lube oil systems, process gas, and seal support systems to best fit their needs.

Reverse rotation protection manifold:

  • The patent-pending integrated design offers reverse rotation protection as standard.
  • It brings simplicity by reducing the number of components and improves reliability.

Plate-and-frame oil cooler:

  • The easily serviced and compact design works with the integrated manifold to reduce the lube system footprint.


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Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor

Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
  • Turbo Block Standardized Centrifugal Compressor
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Product Details:

PowerPower 745 kW-5 220 kW / 1 000 hp-7 000 hp
Discharge pressure70 bar(a)
Outlet pressure28-50 bar(a) / 406-725 psia
BrandAtlas Copco
Volumes250 to 20 000 m3/h (150 to 12 000 acfm)
Outlet temperatureUp to 200 deg C / 400 deg F

The high-speed rotor is supported by radial tilting pad bearings designed to eliminate virtually all vibration and provide superior rotor stability. Also, pulsation-a common problem with piston compressors-does not occur with Atlas Copco Gas and Process centrifugal compressors. They are also 100% oil-free by design, preventing contamination of the natural gas fed to the turbine.An international frontrunner in compressor technology, Atlas Copco has hot-commissioned over 400 FGB units around the globe.

The advantages of integral-gear technology:
  • Integral gear technology provides the most efficient, space-saving and reliable solution possible
  • More efficient than comparable single-shaft designs
  • Allows for precision process control
  • Each stage can be optimized to run at its ideal speed
  • Offers a smaller footprint

Dynamic dry gas seals:
  • Atlas Copco integrally geared compressors also feature dynamic, contactless dry-gas seals for maximum reliability
  • Reduces high speed shaft leakage, minimizing gas lost from process
  • Non-contacting design prevents mechanical wear

  • Pre-engineered system with configurable options: Maintains high reliability in a cost effective design
  • Lube oil manifold: Integrated design optimizes lubrication system while reducing the number of components
  • Plate-and-frame water cooler: Compact design reduces the overall footprint
  • Dual oil filters: Offers superior protection for added reliability

Optional features:
  • On-skid control panel
  • Sound enclosure
  • Air-cooled coolers
  • 2 out of 3 voting

Compressor TypeReliability (%)Availability (%)IMR&O (h / yr)MTBF (yr)
Reciprocating, conv. non lube92.391.3766.10.3
Reciprocating, lubricated97.897.3237.20.5
Reciprocating, labyrinth piston98.397.6207.22
Oil flooded screw98.897.7199.91.5
Oil-free screw99.799905
Centrifugal, fouling service99.59990.63.7
Centrifugal, clean service99.899.724.68
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